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"Inspired" vs "uninspired" composition in worship. Preaching, praying, singing.

Why PP is not an "innovation" or "new idea".

PP and worshiping "in spirit and truth".

PP - answering potential objections.

Prescriptive Psalmody vs Exclusive Psalmody.

How the Psalms reference sacrifices and the NT perspective.

How the Psalms align with the NT ordained worship elements (very well!)

The non-PP category of drama and an acceptable use rationale. (net effect, it must only be used as sermon illustration).

PP and the necessity of the RPW.

PP and (gasp!) dance, lifting hands, clapping and other body motions during praise.

PP and the idea of regulated worship activities\components by frequency of mention in the Psalms.

How PP regulates worship and praise - as well as differentiators - (all praise is worship - is all worship praise?)

How new song fits within the category of "prophesying", in the same sense as preaching and prayer for the post-apostolic NT church era.

How the composition of new song should be regulated for use in worship.

PP, cessationism and continuationism.

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may the Grace of our Lord be with you.

Thanks for the insights and all other material. I'm working to elaborate a "Reformed Theology of Worship" and a "Reformed Theology of Miracles" and all your posts will help to build these ideas. My denomination adhere to the "Excelence and Suficiency of Psalmody" as expressed by Calvin, Owen, Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Manton, Richard Baxter and lots of the Puritans, but not to the Exclusive Psalmody of some Puritans and Covenanters.

Proceed your good work, brother!
Ecclesia Reformata, Semper Reformanda Est.

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